Hidden among ancient antiques and curio shops is one of Pingyao’s best treasures - Jing’s Residence. Visitors to the walled city of Pingyao will feel like royalty at the luxurious yet cozy hotel, surrounded by stunning architecture and intricate traditional decor.

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A UNESCO World Heritage site and a member of Relais & Chateaux, Jing’s Residence provides inquisitive and weary travelers alike with a hidden, magical hotel that feels more like home. Guests may retire to one of 12 rooms of the grand Chinese mansion, each with their own unique history of guests past. Each accommodation features the same opulence and elegance, as stunning design is combined with comfort and familiar Chinese hospitality. Consider the five courtyard suites or the exclusive Jing’s Master Suite for expanded living spaces and amenities.

Look no further than Jing’s Residence for the ultimate adventure in provincial cuisine. As an old Shanxi saying goes, “a ball of dough can be turned into hundreds of different kinds of noodles,” and the Shanxi dishes on offer perfectly illustrate the eclectic noodle culture of this region. Jing’s Residence also offers guests delectable international and other local cuisine with the elegant backdrop of the dining room, perfectly designed with modern and historical touches in mind.

Jing’s Residence offers guests tranquility and peacefulness in the midst of the bustling markets and historical sights of the city. Guests are welcome to relax in a cozy alcove over a pot of tea and a book from the hotel’s library or wander the grounds, following paths of white stones from Northern China through bamboo and water elements. Elsewhere, guests can explore the two main streets of Pingyao, or experience the variety of cultural and creative activities the hotel offers on site, including noodle making classes or a private guided tour of the city with a local professor.

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