Walking through one of the mountain top cities in Tibet is at once a step back in time, and a journey through a place that feels suspended between heaven and earth. The air here is sacred, while the simple, down-to-earth way of life is reflected in the friendly smiles of those who make their homes high in the mountains.

In the southeast of China bordering Nepal and the Himalayas, Tibet is a place of quaint simplicity and friendly residents. This region acted as its own empire from the seventh century until the 1950s when it was incorporated into China as the Tibet Autonomous Region. Life in Tibet remains more traditional than in the rest of China – the widespread practice of Tibetan Buddhism and a sizable monastic community keeps this unique culture flourishing.

Before becoming part of China, Tibet was administered by the Dalai Lama, an individual believed to be descended from an enlightened being. In the capital of Lhasa, the legacy of the Dalai Lamas since the 17th century can be traced through two palaces, Potala and the Norbulingka Summer Home. The current Dalai Lama still commands great reverence from the people not only of Tibet, but the Buddhist community around the world. Many come to seek his wisdom and insight.

The mountainous region is full of beautiful and historic sites. Among the most famous are the seventh-century Jokhang Temple, considered one of Tibet’s holiest sites, and Rongbuk Monastery which boasts an amazing view of the mighty Mount Everest.

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