Chengdu is sometimes called “the Land of Milk and Honey” for its expansive fertility. Situated on the edge of the Red Basin with the Funan River running through, the city and regional agricultural industry makes it at once prosperous and laid-back. For a one-of-a-kind vacation, travel to Chengdu, China with Ker & Downey.

The people of Chengdu value their green spaces and relaxation, a surprisingly palpable vibe for a city of 14 million. It is the modern face of the agricultural region, with high end districts like Kuanzhaixiangzi, where you can find fine dining and free wireless Internet. Science museums and operas contribute to the cosmopolitan feel. At the same time a visit to Jinli Ancient Street, Jinsha Archaeological site, and various temples remind you just how much history lies beneath the modern metropolis.

Most people find their way to Chengdu in search of the Giant Panda. These severely endangered animals are the subjects of massive re-population efforts by the Chinese government. A visit to the Giant Panda Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding highlights the monumental efforts, and invites guests to celebrate the successful steps forward. The center offers the opportunity to watch pandas in their natural habitat, the playful, shy creatures practically impossible to see in the wild.

Of course, one of the highlights of any visit to Chengdu will be the food. When you think of China’s Sichuan province, of which Chengdu is the capital, one word probably comes to mind: spicy. Regional cuisine from Sichuan has spread throughout the globe as the quintessential flavor profile of China, with bold blends of garlic, chili pepper.

While you might think you know your Kung Pao chicken and hot pots, you’ll gain a whole new appreciation when you taste them in their homeland, prepared by hands that have followed the same family recipes for generations.

Allow Ker & Downey’s expert consultants to help you plan your trip to Chengdu where spicy food and giant pandas wait to welcome you. Discover our Chengdu vacation packages below.