To stand at the intersection of ancient and modern China, you will find nowhere more profound than Beijing and its surrounding territories. Experience all this city has to offer when you travel to Beijing with Ker & Downey.

China’s northern provinces are among the areas with the deepest roots in the country. Some of the first communities sprung up from the Yellow River and the region has developed into a national center for culture, industry, and politics.

Visit China’s capital Beijing, a flat master-planned network of narrow streets and modern developments, where the ancient and the contemporary coexist in harmony.

With over 11 million people, the capital city is constantly evolving as China’s emerging middle class makes their mark in business, innovation, and recreation. They infuse the city with fresh energy as skyscrapers, and lifestyle innovation spring up in the midst of over 3,000 years of history.
Beijing is anchored by the historic Tiananmen Square, the world’s largest public square, surrounded by a host of government offices, museums, and remnants from the ancient city. Among the must-see sights is the Forbidden City, a sprawling palace complex home to the Imperial Court of Ming and Qing Dynasties. The National Stadium, perhaps better known as the Bird’s Nest, became the hallmark of the 2008 Olympic Games and is just one of the examples of spectacular modern architecture found in the city.

Life outside the capital, much like the capital itself, is a mix of ancient heritage and modern marvel. Travel to Beijing serves as the gateway to some of the more popular sections of the Great Wall of China at Badaling and Juyonggan. The medieval octagonal Twin Pagodas are a symbol of the city Taiyuan, famous today for mining thanks to its enclosure in the mountains, but owning a history dating back over 2,000 years.

Ker & Downey’s expert consultants will fit you with a local guide who can bring the city to life, whether your interest lies in the mysteries of past millennia, or the distinctly Chinese future unfolding in the region. Start your journey today with our Beijing vacation packages.