Travel to Egypt to marvel at all of her antiquities and soak up some of her best-kept secrets. Ker & Downey President David Marek shares his thoughts on why you should travel to Egypt.

Egypt is without a doubt one of those places where history comes alive. Cruising down the Nile, seeing the ancient temples in person, and gazing upon the pyramids of Giza – the last remaining wonder of the ancient world – allows you to construct a more comprehensive narrative of the history of ancient civilization and how it relates to our modern world.

Its antiquities remain unchanged, but Egypt is anything but stuck in the past. As a testament to that, they are opening a brand new, state of the art mega-museum to better preserve and show off some of the country’s most treasured artifacts.

Luxury Travel to Egypt - Ker Downey

Egypt isn’t a one-time destination. There’s something new to experience each trip. Archaeologists are constantly unearthing monuments and making new discoveries. But beyond its antiquities and the Nile River, there’s the Siwa Oasis and Fayoum, one of Egypt’s best-kept secrets. Ker & Downey’s David Marek just returned from his third trip to Egypt. He last traveled in 2013 with his family; this time, he joined a group of friends who had never been before. We asked him to share a little more from his journey.

A Q&A with David Marek:

What was the defining moment of your trip? Watching my friends see the pyramids for the first time. As you are driving towards them, you can see them come into view, but nothing prepares you for how magnificent they truly are until you are standing at the base looking up at them.

Luxury Travel to Egypt - Ker Downey

Favorite activity? There’s so much to see and do in Egypt, but one of my favorite activities is still cruising down the Nile and watching the Nile Valley unfold. Just as it did 4,000 years ago, life happens along the river. It’s so fascinating to sit on the boat deck with an afternoon drink and watch as fishermen cast their nets into the river and boys play a game of tag along the banks. Then, before you know it, a temple comes into view and you are disembarking to step back in history and walk among massive pillars and immaculately preserved monuments.

You shouldn’t miss: Spend a couple of nights in Fayoum Oasis. Fayoum is Egypt’s oldest city and one of the country’s best-kept secrets. People head to Egypt to see the pyramids, the temples, and the Nile (and they should), but the Fayoum Oasis is totally unexpected, relaxing, and should be part of every journey there.

Luxury Travel to Egypt - Ker Downey

Safety concerns? None. Everyone wanted their picture taken with us and were extremely friendly. Unfortunately, Egypt still struggles to draw as many visitors as it did before the Arab Spring. However, there’s absolutely no reason not to go, especially when you’re traveling with Ker & Downey. From the VIP meet and greet off the plane to the private car and guide, we’re with you every step of the way.

Anything else to know: Bring a big brimmed hat and sunscreen. They are always needed in Egypt.

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