Nepal is an astonishing country that continues to delight travelers. Its bio-diversity is massive due to its geographic position and variations in altitudes. Nepal luxury travel and private tours reveal all things beautiful: the sub-tropics of her lowlands, and in the high altitude regions, near-arctic conditions. This amazing diversity is known nowhere else on earth.

Private luxury tours of Nepal will show you the potpourri of 101 ethnic groups and sub-groups who speak 92 different languages. It is a country that has learned how to adapt to diversity, both geographically and culturally. Nepal holds a fascination unlike any other place in the world. Buddhist shrines and Hindu temples will often times be seen together, sharing the land and adapting to differences.

Active travelers seek Nepal to experience rafting, hiking, mountaineering, and other such adventures, and others come here for the spirituality and the peaceful qualities of this incredible Shangri-La. Discover Nepal vacation packages with us today!