Ker & Downey’s fall travel guide reveals the best places to get away this fall.

Pack your bags! The fall travel season is upon us. Here is Ker & Downey’s fall travel guide for the best places to go this fall.

Adventure Fall Travel Guide

NamibiaSeek out the stark landscapes and vast wilderness of Namibia, with its dry, twisted trees,  sand dunes of red, orange and yellow, and scattered bush vegetation on our journeys to the isolated region. Travel to Namibia in the fall when the weather turns nice and the wildlife is out and about, making it easier to spot on safari drives and walks.

Fall Travel Guide | Luxury Namibia safari | Ker Downey

Nepal | The devastating earthquake in Nepal in 2015 resulted in a major loss of lives, homes and historic sites, but the best way to help speed recovery for the locals and country is planning a trip to the Land of the Gods. With the start of the trekking season in October, late fall is a great time to visit Nepal as clear skies allow for the best views of the mountains. Soak up the sun on our Boundless Nepal journey with nature walks, rickshaw rides, and helicopter flights over the Everest region.

Fall Travel Guide | Nepal Trekking | Ker Downey

Cambodia | By late October Cambodia is seeing the end of the rainy season and makes for a recommended time to explore the magnificent temples of Angkor Wat along with the serene coastal town of Kep to see a completely different side and lifestyle of the country. For those seeking adventure, embark on our 10-day Intrepid Cambodia journey that explores the splendors of the country by gondola, motorbike, tuk tuk, zipline, and kayak.

Fall Travel Guide | Luxury Cambodia | Ker Downey

South AfricaThe dry season in South Africa provides optimal game viewing as animals gather around water holes and the long grasses are sparser, making it easier to spot game. It’s also a great time to see newborn animals. We have an extensive range of journeys to South Africa to jump-start your safari planning.

Fall Travel Guide - Luxury South Africa Safari - Ker Downey

Laos | Laos, formerly a forgotten Southeast Asian country on the tourism scene, embraces more and more travelers as they discover the charming heritage and picturesque landscapes of laid-back Laos. Fall brings about pleasant mild weather where several days can be spent on our Classic Luang Prabang journey. It explores the scenic and serene UNESCO town of Luang Prabang’s many ancient temples, cascading waterfalls, and sacred limestone caves filled with thousands of Buddha relics.

Fall Travel Guide | Luxury Laos | Ker Downey

Cultural Fall Travel Guide

ChinaDig deep into China’s rich and varied culture over 13 days with our Diverse China journey. It travels from the modern city of Beijing to the countryside of Guiyang where traditional customs have resisted the trends of the modern world. The best way to learn about a culture is to interact with it and this journey is chock-full of unique experiences, including a “ground opera” performance, one of the world’s forms of opera, dating back 600 years, and an art class teaching traditional Chinese calligraphy in the home of an ethnic minority family.

Fall Travel Guide | Luxury China | Ker Downey

UruguayExperience the gem of South America by horseback over six days of horseback riding through the beaches, sand dunes, forests, and coastal hills of Rocha. You’ll stay in quaint seaside inns and working estancias where you’ll have authentic gaucho interactions and experiences that provide insight into the country life of Uruguay.

Fall Travel Guide | Luxury Uruguay | Ker Downey

Germany | Oktoberfest is the world’s largest far, attended by nearly 6 million people each year. But just because there are millions of people there, doesn’t mean you can’t partake in the culture and merriment in more intimate ways. With Ker & Downey, you’ll have VIP tickets to the traditional costume parade to kick off the festivities and dinner in an exclusive beer tent, where celebrities are commonly spotted and getting a table there is almost as difficult as getting a box for the Super Bowl.

Culinary Fall Travel Guide

Italy | Make your way through Italy tasting the region’s finest wines, cheeses, and culinary delights on a 10-day food and wine tour. Learn the art of pizza making with an authentic Neapolitan pizza making class and go behind the scenes with a tour of a pasta factory to witness the production of pasta, a staple in Italian cuisine.

Fall Travel Guide | Luxury Italy Culinary Journey | Ker Downey

GuatemalaDig deep into the origins of many of our favorite foods – guacamole, tamales, and chocolate – on a 13-day journey through Guatemala where many people still use the ingredients and recipes the ancient Mayans discovered, developed, and refined to this day. Enjoy a visit to the chocolate museum and learn how to prepare the country’s most famous export from scratch. Take a cooking class in a local kitchen, visit the famous market stalls of Chichicastenango, and visit a coffee hacienda. It’s a flavorful trip of equal parts discovery and indulgence!

Fall Travel Guide | Luxury Guatemala Culinary Journey | Ker Downey

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