Eastern Asia

Home to some of the world’s tallest buildings and its fastest bullet trains, the mysterious lands of Eastern Asia combines countries of contrast where old meets new with Asia powerhouses China, Japan, and Korea and the dramatic landscapes of remote and rugged Mongolia. Rich in culture, history, scenery and cuisine famous worldwide, Eastern Asia promises to awe and inspire one and all.

$1,100 per person per day - China, Korea, Mongolia

$900 per person per day - China, Korea, Mongolia

$1,000 per person per day - China, Korea, Mongolia

Seasons and pricing vary from rest of region:

  • High – early January, March through August, October through December – from $2,000 per person per day
  • Shoulder – mid-January to February, September – from $1,800 per person per day


  • Yunnan, China: fall through spring for best weather to enjoy strolls and bicycle rides in the countryside, with clear mountain views.
  • Guilin, China: rainy season during the summer increases water level of river so that cruises can fully operate on routes, and mountains are misted over and scenic (but expect rains!)
  • Japan: cherry blossom season in the spring, beautiful foliage in the fall.
  • Kyoto, Japan: colorful Gion festival all of July with festivities and parades
  • Mongolia: Naadam July festival held in capital city Ulan Bator and major outlying areas where the country’s best athletes including wrestlers, horse racers and archers compete, filled with festivities and traditional dance and music performances
  • Avoid this region during Lunar New Year, which occurs for a week mid-January to mid-February depending on the lunar calendar. Locals make travel very hectic and chaotic during this time, and everyone takes time off including senior guides. It is also best to avoid National Day in China (October 1-7).

The Ker & Downey

  • Take a helicopter tour to and from Great Wall and enjoy a banquet dinner on the wall, with wall lit up in evening.
  • Dine at private outdoor courtyard in China with traditional dance and music performance.
  • Special permit to access the rooms of the Forbidden City that are kept closed to the public.
  • Horseback riding through the former stomping grounds of Genghis Khan in Mongolia.
  • Visit a sumo stable and enjoy breakfast with sumo wrestlers in Japan.
  • Take a cooking class in Tokyo with a Michelin chef.
  • Embark on a scenic flight on the Hermes helicopter in Tokyo.
  • Enjoy a private kabuki performance in Kyoto.

Eastern Asia provides something for everyone with its spectacular landscape, rich culture, and ancient history found throughout the region’s temples, pagodas, mosques, and caves. Discover the diverse architecture of towering modern skyscrapers and rustic country inns, and get your fill of exquisite cuisine. Contact your luxury travel consultant to begin planning your journey.