Just steps away from the beautiful Piazza San Marco, along the waterfront where gondolas line up along the shimmering lagoon, you'll find the Hotel Danieli. Venice is already a magical place and this property is part of its charm.

Property Details

It is hard not to feel like you are stepping into a museum at Hotel Danieli. Precious art, antiques, frescoes, antique carpets, silk curtains, Murano glass mirrors, and twinkling chandeliers are scattered like gems across all the rooms and suites. Opulence is embedded everywhere. The lobby is surrounded by marble pillars and archways, complete with a pianist playing during cocktail hour. One section of Hotel Danieli comprises a 14th-century palazzi with a grand atrium hall.

Each room and suite is uniquely designed to embrace the rich culture of the Veneto. This property and its spaces are all about sumptuous grandeur. The Doge Dandolo Royal Suite takes inspiration from the 21st Doge of the Venetian Republic. High ceilings, antique furnishings, luxurious red drapery, scrolled headboards, and priceless paintings take guests back to a time of magical masquerades. Enter your room through wood-trimmed French doors and step out onto the wrought iron balcony. From its private balcony, listen to the songs of the gondolieris echo through the narrow, maze-like canals. Velvet drapery and headboards envelope you in a cocoon of comfort and elegance. Close your eyes and imagine what this storied slice of the Adriatic looked like long ago when elegantly-dressed men and women graced these grand palazzos.

Venice was once an important stop on the Silk Road, and the Restaurant Terrazza Danieli traces the influences of the spice traders and blends them into local dishes. Your excellent dining experience is enhanced by the stunning views of the magical Grand Canal. This was once the spot where nobles would watch the merchant ships pass along the waters, each carrying goods from far away lands.

Guests who want to stay in the beating heart of the floating city of Venice will love stepping back into its glorious history with a stay at Hotel Danieli.

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