Southern Europe
Why Southern Europe?

Southern Europe’s warm shores and bold flavors excite the senses at every turn. Europe’s rich and famous have long flocked to the white sand beaches and idyllic islands of Italy, Greece, and Portugal, while foodies the world over are discovering the internationally lauded creations of Spain, Croatia, and Malta. Ker & Downey takes you away from the crowds to the luxury getaways, exclusive villas, private yachts, and remote shores of these cultural and natural paradises. The region’s mild climates are truly made for year-round travel, and Ker & Downey is your guide to the highlights of each season.

Southern Europe Map

Southern Europe
Seasonality & Pricing

June to August: High Demand Season. Summers are usually hot and dry with little rainfall. Many people travel to Southern Europe during this period of time to take advantage of the longer daylight hours and welcoming Mediterranean summer weather.

December to March: Low Demand Season (except festive). Winters are typically mild compared to winters in Northern Europe. In higher elevations, snowfall is possible. 

April to May & September to November: Shoulder Season. A wonderful time to travel to avoid larger crowds. Temperatures vary greatly depending on which country in Southern Europe you are traveling to. Many regions experience wine, olive, mushroom, and truffle harvest seasons in the autumn months and others boast rich art, music, and food traditions during Holy Week in the spring.

Customized Itinerary Pricing

$1,600 - $2,000 per person per day | Special rates apply during Christmas and New Year Holidays

$1,000-1,200 per person per day

$1,400 - $1,600 per person per day


Important considerations when traveling to Southern Europe:

  • Some of Ker & Downey's favorite Southern European festivals take place during the summer months: Italy’s Palio di Siena is held every year in July and August, the Monte Carlo Fireworks Festival is hosted in July, the Verona Opera Festival takes place in July and August, and Basque Country’s Aste Nagusia usually occurs in August.
  • Italy's opera, symphony, and theatre seasons are in full swing in January. 
  • Croatia’s islands are full of festivals in June.
  • The best time for mushroom foraging in Catalonia is October.
  • The best time for truffle hunting and wine harvest activities in Croatia is September and October.
  • Regions like Portugal and Andalusia flaunt perfect weather all summer and are especially magical in the spring when the roads are lined with trees in bloom.
  • The best time for whale watching in the Azores is in the Spring, particularly April and May.
  • Venice now requires an entrance fee on select high-volume tourism dates for those taking day trips into the city. Ker & Downey therefore recommends staying in Venice to avoid dealing with those extra fees.

The Ker & Downey

The Ker & Downey Difference is in the hand-picked experiences we create that are unique to you. Experiences include:

  • Exclusive-use villas and palazzos in Spain, Malta, and Italy.
  • Luxury island-hopping like a celebrity off the coast of Greece.
  • Behind-the-scenes VIP access to festivals in the region.
  • Private, after-hours access to museums, cathedrals, and atelier shops.
  • Reservations at some of the top Michelin-starred restaurants in the world.
  • Access to authentic wine and food experiences, passionate local guides, and cultural and historical experts throughout the region.
  • Private yacht charters in Croatia and Greece.
  • Multi-country touring and logistics made easy.

Find out why this romantic region has inspired and enchanted artists, travelers, and dreamers for hundreds of years. Walk among the sun soaked vineyards at Italian harvest time, dance the Spanish nights away among the young and beautiful, embark on an exclusive yacht holiday in the Adriatic, and follow the Aegean coastline in search of luxury and ancient history. The warmth of the Southern European cultures shines in the sun on the warm waters and the robust vitality of the people. Contact your Ker & Downey luxury travel consultant to begin crafting your own itinerary.