Travel to Venice, Italy with Ker & Downey. Walking over the bridges that criss-cross Venice’s celebrated canals, you’ll want to stop and take in the view from every angle. As you recline on a gondola at sunset, you’ll wish that time could stop, allowing you to bask in the glow of centuries of history and culture. Venice stands alone among the world’s great cities, an experiment in architecture and engineering gone tremendously right.

From its world-famous architecture, to the city’s continuing patronage of arts in all forms, Venice is indeed one of the most aesthetically-pleasing cities in the world. Luxury travel to Venice is the perfect way to experience this city.

Venetian Gothic architecture is praised the world over for its fine materials, bold construction, and blending of eastern and western traditions, making Venice not only a treasure to the western world, but to global culture as a whole. One of the most stunning architectural accomplishments in the city, St. Mark’s Basilica—also called the Chiesa d’Oro for its gilded mosaics and opulent design—is a prime example of the Byzantine influence in the city.

The elaborate and intricate colors of Venetian glass, hand-crafted on the nearby island of Murano, gives Venice a prominent place in the craft landscape of Italy. Each region in the country is known for a signature material and style.

For those more interested in the contemporary arts still flowing out of this historic city, Ker & Downey can arrange a VIP experience of the Venice Biennale, a contemporary visual arts festival hosted by the city every two years. The festival showcases not only the best of Venice and Italy, but hosts artists of renown from across the globe.

Beyond the canals, Venice also boasts some of the richest cuisine in Italy. Fresh seafood, spices, and flavors echo the same cosmopolitan traditions etched into the edifices of the Grand Canal. Whether you want the fine dining of the city’s international restaurant scene, or a taste of home-cooking far from the beaten path, Ker & Downey’s experts will make sure that your palate is dazzled at every meal.