Chia Laguna is surrounded by a raw and seemingly untouched natural paradise of forest-covered mountains, soft sand dunes, the sparkling turquoise sea, and bursts of bright flowers.

Property Details

Inside Chia Laguna you will be greeted by a soft palette of pastels, perfectly suited for a beach retreat. Each suite comes with a private patio, and most feature views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Italian and Sardinian flavors and fresh seafood are prepared by master chefs in the nine restaurants available to guests. Soft candlelight illuminates La Terraza, an elegant space that lets you gaze at the moon shimmering over the nearby lagoon. There is a live cooking show at the Bouganville Restaurant, plus a menu of organic fruits and vegetables and multiple food stations.

Chia Laguna is located at a higher elevation, allowing guests to splash in the pool with a view overlooking Chia Bay and the salty lagoon visited by crowds of flamingos. Part of the appeal of southern Sardinia is its natural and off-the-map aura. Even the spa treatments at Chia Laguna make use of natural local products like myrtle to full immerse you into your surroundings.

As the sun casts a golden glow over the countryside, head down to the Piazza Ulivia, an authentic Italian square, for some gelato, wood-fired pizza, and to watch a live musical performance. Grab a bicycle and explore the area. It’s one of the best ways to breathe in the Mediterranean air, discover the trees and flowers emerging from the sand, and see the locals go about their day.

Arrange a sailboat journey and jump into the Mediterranean to snorkel with the fish. Head down the hill to the private hotel beach, outfitted with towels, loungers, and umbrellas. You won’t want to leave this spot once the complete perfection of the soft, warm breeze and utterly perfect sea seeps into your skin.

Ancient lookout towers are common in this region; the closest one to the hotel lords over a beach that has been ranked one of the best in Italy several years. Explore the natural white sand beaches of Sardinia’s southern coast and uncover hidden nooks of paradise where you can take a snooze by the gentle surf.

Travelers wanting to see a raw side of Sardinia will be drawn to Chia Laguna on the less-developed and perfectly pristine southern coast.

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