Travel to Sardinia, Italy with Ker & Downey. The island of Sardinia, off the Italian coast, is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Its turquoise waters and white sand beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world, calling to sun-worshippers the world over. With almost 2,000km of coastline, there’s undoubtedly a beach for every speed, from sun bathing, to long walks, to more high-octane excursions.

Dramatic granite cliffs, rugged coastline, and mountains lie inland, drawing outdoor adventure seekers. Thrill seekers will also find boating, windsurfing, and swimming in the azure waters off the coast of the island during their luxury Sardinia vacation. On the northwestern coast, you can explore the marine caves dotting to the coastline, the most famous of which, Neptune’s Grotto, has been artfully illuminated to showcase the dramatic rock formations.

Those interested in history will enjoy the Nuraghi, the cylindrical towers of the Nuragic civilization, that dot the landscape among the “Giants’ Tombs” south of Olbia. One of the most appealing aspects of far flung ruins if the freedom to touch, feel, and even climb the ancient artifacts. Fortified villages can still be found on the island as well, testament to Sardinia’s long and significant history.

Costa Smeralda, on the north-eastern coast, is home to some of world’s most beautiful white sand beaches and lavish villas. It’s a popular destination for celebrities and business leaders, with exclusive hotels, golf clubs, and yachting. Each September the Sardinia Cup sailing regatta is held off the coast bringing in thousands of sailors from around the globe for world-class sailing.

As could be expected, Sardinia is known for its fresh seafood, as well as Italian favorites like hearty pastas. Like many regions of Italy, they have wide variety of local cheeses, here you can expect to see lots of pecorino and smoked ricotta, and of course, wine to go with them.