No other city in the western world can challenge Rome’s preeminence as a seat of military and culture significance throughout history. From the days of Julius Caesar to the ongoing papacy in the Vatican, Rome has always been synonymous with power. While its imposing ruins and ubiquitous archaeological sites might seem to steal the show, Rome has also grown into a modern metropolis, bustling with businessmen, artists, and dreamers. Rome’s fame lies as much in the future as it does in the past.

Most arrive to the ancient city with a formidable list of sites to see. At once, its frenetic energy sweeps you up into a presto tempo chorus of vespas, street vendors, and taxis. Ker & Downey invites you to slow down and watch the city as you would Vivaldi’s “Summer,” a masterpiece of energy unfolding for your enjoyment.

Stand in the Colosseum, where gladiators and Christians faced grisly demise with divine courage. Or the Pantheon, with it’s striking oculus making the sun’s journey across the sky. For those whose love of history leans more toward the cinematic, toss a coin into Trevi Fountain, ensuring that you will return to Rome. The ornate fountain has made appearances in many movies, helping it to earn its romantic reputation.

A visit to St. Peter’s Basilica is without a doubt part of the perfect itinerary for your stay in Rome. The key is timing and planning. Our guides can help to minimize your time spent in crowded lines, with access to private entrances wherever possible. The magnificent structure is sure to impress, but perhaps even more stunning is the famed Sistine Chapel, where Michelangelo’s ceiling frescoes far surpass even a studied art lover’s expectation.

Ker & Downey’s expert guides will ensure that your visit to Rome is free of tourist traps and long lines. They expertly navigate your list of must-see items, weaving them into a tapestry of art and architecture that will leave you awestruck. Whether your goal is to see all the ruins of Rome, or to spend an reflective afternoon with one essential highlight, Ker & Downey will help you make Rome part of your personal history.