Inside Italy’s northern border, the snowy peaks of the Alps give way to an idyllic landscape of hills and valleys all surrounding the Po River. The most popular of the glacial lakes dotting the countryside is undoubtedly Lake Como. The resort town nestled into the foot of the Alps has become a retreat for Hollywood’s elite. Palatial homes at the lake’s shore only add to the enchanting atmosphere, appearing quaint and homey against the backdrop of nature’s grandeur.

Planning a trip with multiple generations in mind means finding something for everyone. Skiing in the Alps or the Dolomites is the perfect balance to an itinerary full of art and history. Those who opt for the slopes will have no shortages of adventure, while those who prefer softer adventure among the lodges and chalets will walk away thoroughly rejuvenated.

In the summer, the once snowy slopes are covered in verdant green, ideal for long hikes, leisurely picnics, and even mountain-biking for those who want to pick up some speed. Like many mountainous regions, it’s possible to find thermal baths among the Dolomites, such as those at Terme Merano.

City lovers will find no more thrilling city than Milan, Italy’s fashion mecca. While the city boasts its fair share of stunning cathedrals and rich history, it leads the world in fashion and design. Where else in the world can you spend the morning with Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” and the afternoon with Armani? Ker and Downey’s guides can arrange a day of shopping that will take you into the greatest fashion houses of our day, with private consultations, and the chance to walk away with garments that are truly one of kind.

Italy’s northern regions are home to other major financial powerhouses as well. Consider visiting Turin, the home of the 2006 Winter Olympics, and Genoa, a major port city known for its cuisine and music. Book northern Italy luxury travel today!