Located on a private ranch in the Solio Game Reserve, Kenya, Solio Lodge is an intimate and luxurious gateway to outdoor adventure on the slopes of Mount Kenya and the Aberdare Mountains. Bespoke and beautiful, Solio Lodge in Mount Kenya is the only guest accommodation on the entire 45,000-acre reserve, thus promising complete exclusivity and seclusion within one of Kenya’s most diverse hidden gems.

Property Details

Solio Lodge in Mount Kenya consists of just six contemporary suites, each designed for comfort and warmth on chilly evenings. The rooms are bright and inviting with a corner fireplace and cozy private lounge that can accommodate up to two beds, as well as large floor-to-ceiling windows to let in the magnificent views of Mount Kenya and the beautiful landscape. The attached private decks are especially ideal for taking in the panoramic views and the occasional rhino passing by. Finally, generous en suite baths utilize natural lighting to the utmost effect and include double sinks, a bath, and shower. The single two-bedroom family cottage encompasses one twin and one double suite connected by a shared living room—ideal for groups and families traveling together.

Beyond Solio Lodge, wild activities and beautiful scenery wait to be discovered. Guests may embark on day and night game drives, as well as walking safaris, bicycling safaris, horseback riding safaris, and fishing trips to Mount Kenya and the Aberdare Mountains. Solio Lodge makes its home within the Solio Game Reserve in Kenya, a private wildlife sanctuary that serves as a home to a varied menagerie of wildlife, including leopard, lion, cheetah, buffalo, zebra, giraffe, warthog, and, most notably, both black and white rhino. This area is renowned for its successful rhino breeding programs and has been instrumental in trans-locating rhino to locations in Kenya and Uganda for their protection and conservation. For this reason, it is not uncommon to witness upwards of 40 rhinoceros during any stay at Solio Lodge.

Between activities, guests are invited to relax on the decks at the Solio Lodge with drink in hand or indulge in massage treatments in the privacy of their suite. Sundowners and bush picnics are also available and offer an intimate way for guests to slow down and take in the vastness of the 19,000-acre conservancy and 45,000-acre ranch, a special place that is exists solely for them during their stay.

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