The Offbeat Safaris Horseback Mobile Tented Camps are luxury mobile tented camps that move around in the Masai Mara, one of the most famous safari destinations, while you are on your horseback safari. Riding allows you to get close to plains game like zebra and wildebeest and seek out larger game like elephants and lions.

Property Details

The horses used for the riding safaris are well-schooled thoroughbred and thoroughbred crosses, are responsive, tough, and fit, but you should be comfortable riding at all paces, including galloping, and should be able to react quickly and safely. During the day you’ll ride on horseback or enjoy game drives while the campsite is moved to the next location.

About four to six hours a day are spent riding and game viewing. Most of the rides will be in open short grass plains ideal for riding, and interspersed with bush. On days that you ride between camp locations, you’ll have a leisurely one and a half to two hour stop for a delicious and fresh picnic lunch. In addition to the horseback-riding safari, land rovers are available for game drives and bush walks are also encouraged.

Campsites used for the horseback safari are Soit Olololol Camp, Olare Orok Camp, and Olare Lamun Camp. Tents are spacious with camp beds, toilets, and hot showers. Gas lamps and hurricane lamps are provided in each tent, as well as towels, soaps, and flashlights. Meals are fresh and served in the dining tent or as a picnic on days spend riding. Fresh bread is even baked daily over an open fire.

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