The shimmering Lake Turkana serves as the spectacular backdrop of Lobolo Camp. The Turkana County of Kenya is an otherworldly place of sand dunes and rocky hills: the perfect place for a unique safari.

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Staying at Lobolo Camp is an out-of-this-world adventure. Eight comfortable tents, accommodating up to 16 people, are spread apart to offer privacy. Each abode is positioned facing the beach, lake, and the volcano-covered island at its center. En suite bathrooms with running sinks, warm showers, and flushing toilets ensure the utmost in comfort. Sleep the night away on a raised king size bed. In the local language, lobolo means “a place of abundant water.” Shady palm trees dot the grounds, fed by natural springs in this oasis, and guests take heart knowing no trees were cut down to build this camp.

Lake Turkana is the world’s largest desert lake, and Lobolo Camp positions guests perfectly for its exploration. The fresh lake breeze blows in and pelicans flutter through the heavenly skies. Take a walk on the white and black sand beach to watch the fisherman bring in their catch. A dip in the salt water is refreshing and it’s fascinating to see the island volcano emit vapor from afar.

The culture of the region around the lake is unique to the country and waiting to be explored. Meet with the local school kids and see the local residents’ colorful beadwork. Feel like a modern-day Indiana Jones with a cross over to the UNESCO World Heritage Sibiloi National Park. It is here that the world’s most complete early human skeleton remains were found. The treasure troves of pre-historic fossils are believed to be between 1.5 to 1.6 million-years-old.

Visit the Central Island National Park where a sea of pink flamingos wade and Nile crocodiles prowl the crater lakes. It’s a bit of a descent to get closer to the emerald shores, but the lake can be seen in all its beauty from up top.

Climb the cliff to get a bird’s eye view of the land while you sip on a sundowner, and back at camp visit the Sky Bar for a nighttime view of the Milky Way. Adventurous safari-goers will thrill while fly camping underneath the blanket of stars.

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