The breathtaking Kenya coast is a sun-soaked region. Here, the white sandy beaches of East Africa meet the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. On these breezy Kenya beaches, the growth and wilderness of Kenya converge with the crystal blue ocean, teeming with life and coral majesty. Turtles clamber up to nest in the beach-backed dunes. Traditional dhows from a bygone trading era sail beyond the ancient coral reefs. And barefoot luxury finds itself tucked away in the mangrove forests and sandbanks. From the Lamu archipelago in the north through the commercial hub of Mombasa to the beaches of Diani and Funzi Island further south, the Kenya coast is a world apart from its savannah and safari-country sisters.

Experiencing the Kenya coast begins with its rich and interesting history, a colorful fabric laden with the lore of trade and enterprise. Hundreds of years ago, sailors from as far away from China began reaching the Kenya coast shores. They brought with them foreign influence and its subsequent prosperity, goods, hardships, and war. Today, the Indian Ocean monsoon winds are just as influential as they were then. The Kenya coast’s influential Mombasa port is the gateway for most goods into East Africa and beyond. Remnants of its ancient civilizations, cultures, and historical encounters are still scattered along its shores.

Lamu Island

This Kenya coast history is most apparent on the cultural gem of Lamu Island. This untouched piece of earth is enchanted with bustling markets and the sights and sounds of a different time. There’s also the promise of days in the sun in peaceful tropical island relaxation. For that is truly why visitors find themselves flocking to the region. A beach holiday along the Kenya coast is a release into the gentle embrace of local life and marine wildlife wonders. Diving and snorkeling abound along the offshore marine parks protecting the long coral reefs. Meanwhile, water sports like kayaking, windsurfing, water skiing, and fishing are excellent year-round.

Whether relaxing from the daily rhythm of game drives after a safari or using the Kenya coast as a base for your entire vacation, this region promises an unforgettable slice of private island worthy paradise. Contact Ker & Downey today to add a touch of beachside luxury along the Kenya coast to your next Kenya safari.