Right in the heart of Thessaloniki sits the Electra Palace Hotel, offering a wonderful starting point for an exploration of this fascinating city.

Property Details

Electra Palace Hotel is located in Thessaloniki’s liveliest spot: Aristotelous Square. Lined with buzzing cafes and restaurants, the square enjoys views of the Thermaic Gulf with the snow-capped Mount Olympus beyond. A Thessaloniki landmark, this is the neo-classical property for guests who want to be in the center of the action.

The hotel’s rooms are comfortable and fuss-free. The main attraction is the room’s balcony facing the square and all of its diverse activity. Sit outside with a glass of wine and watch all of the daily action below. Families gather in the evenings for walks and the energy goes into overdrive.

Start the day on the right foot on the rooftop of the Electra Palace Hotel, where a vast breakfast spread awaits. Local cuisine is always included on the menu, including the bougatsa, a cream-filled pastry sprinkled with powdered sugar and popular as a morning snack. The restaurant is lined with glass walls and a narrow curved patio beyond where guests have a great view of the city. Enjoy the expansive view of the cargo ships making their way through the gulf as it transforms color from a soft pink haze to a beautiful deep blue each morning. This might be the best seat in the entire city from where to admire Salonica.

On a sunny day (and there are many), cool off in the hotel’s swimming pool and imagine drifting in the sparkling blue sea. During the day, venture out to the numerous boutiques lining Tsimiski Street and slowly sip an iced frappe. You’ll see the sweet drink being enjoyed all over the city and rightly so; this is where it was invented back in 1957. Don’t miss Terkenlis, a sweet Thessaloniki institution right around the bend from the Electra Palace Hotel. You may end up craving more chocolate pastries than your stomach will allow.

Schedule a pampering session in the spa to get set for a night on the town. The people of Thessaloniki take their eating and drinking just as seriously as their appearance, so be sure to dress to impress, and be prepared to spend a night laughing and lingering in one of the many bars and restaurants in this lively Greek city.

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