Undiscovered Nature and History

On this thrilling eight-night ancient Greece tour, Ker & Downey unveils the wonders of Macedonia and Northern Greece. Travel to the region’s most immersive sites, such as Thessaloniki, Mount Olympus, Zagorochoria, and Athens. Indeed, a Classical Greece history tour to Northern Greece unlocks ancient Greece in its purest form. Within its boundaries rests a wealth of natural attractions and a unique blend of undiscovered history and culture.

Your Northern Greece luxury tour first begins with an overnight in Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki is actually Greece’s second largest city and the most important port in the Balkans. Embark on a privately guided discovery of the city to learn about its long history and troubled past.

Next you will continue your Classical Greece history tour at the foot of the might Mount Olympus. Over two days, learn why Olympus was the home of the Olympian gods of the ancient Greek world. You will have a chance to trek to one of the peaks of the mountain. You will also dine in a local tavern.

Continue into the heart of Classical Greece at the archaeological site of Vergina. This is one of the most important archaeological sites of Greece and a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site. After your discovery of Vergina, enjoy lunch and a private wine tasting in Naoussa. Indeed, Naoussa in ancient Macedonia is where the history of Greek red wine began 130 years ago. Enjoy a guided tour in the production areas and the storied cellars of the wineries. This offers the best introduction to the history and philosophy of the area and its famous Greek wine.

Finally, conclude your Northern Greece luxury tour amid the stunning landscape of Zagorochoria. Here you will have the chance to experience local life. In one of the region’s many traditional villages, the friendly and welcoming residents will greet you with their delicious homemade food. You will also explore the lush natural landscapes with a breathtaking rafting journey down the Voidomatis River. Spend an afternoon on a private truffle mushroom foraging expedition before concluding your Classical Greece journey in the country’s ancient capital of Athens.

We have reserved two full days for you in this city of democracy, science, philosophy, and art. Your guided classical Greece history tour will lead you everywhere from Handrian’s Library and the Roman Agora to the quintessential symbol of ancient Greek civilization and UNESCO World Heritage: the Athenian Acropolis.

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