Travel one mile in Greece, and you traverse millennia of history and culture. From the Aegean to the Ionian coasts, and the Mediterranean cultures of the central regions to the Balkan influences in the far northern regions, Greece’s mainland defies a simple description. History continues to blossom in this beautiful Northern Greece travel region that grows more diverse with every passing era.

The Aegean coast’s most vital city is without a doubt gorgeous, hip Thessaloniki. This cultural hub generates musicians, artists, and poets who continue the expansive history of Greece’s cultural contributions. Their activity has spawned a film festival and International Trade Fair as well as the kind of innovative business climate that springs up around creative hubs. Archaeological sites assure us that the city has always bustled with activity. The ruins of the Palace of Galerius, the Roman Market, and the Roman Baths echo a history of vibrant culture spanning the length of recorded history.

Even before there were temples and palaces, there were beaches. Visit the crystalline shores of Halkidiki to experience some of Europe’s most coveted sunshine. Contrast this with picturesque Kavala, principle city of the Macedonian region. Here, a neoclassical sensibility and eastern influence give the city a cozy charm, centered around Mohammed Ali square in the Old City.

Mt. Olympus is the ideal setting to mix history, mythology, and outdoor adventure. Just gazing at the majestic peak will make sense of the ancient Greek belief that the gods made their home among its crags and boulders. Today, hikers can touch the realm of the gods, led by expert trail guides.

Another touch point into the ancient world of myth and empire is Delphi, home of the famed oracle. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Delphi was once among the most sacred sites in all of Greece, and marked “the navel of the world” when Greece was at the height of its power. The harmony with its surround and remarkable collection of ruins are perhaps still a sacred reminder of the continuing influence of the Greek world. Plan your next luxury Greece holiday today!