Skeleton Coast Safaris unveils a world that very few have ever seen or experienced. This unique safari program includes three distinct Namibia camps that are set in singularly-beautiful regions of the Skeleton Coast. A three-night experience allows guests to enjoy each camp, transferred through the region by air for a truly remarkable experience.

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Skeleton Coast Safaris reveals the mysterious Skeleton Coast and its surrounding inland region in a style that remains authentic to the wild spirit of Namibia, yet still luxurious and comfortable. The Schoeman family began operating Skeleton Coast Safaris in 1971, when then-lawyer Louw Schoeman became actively involved in preserving this fragile ecosystem. He led the effort to conserve the land and was an active participant when the Skeleton Coast National Parks were established. Schoeman began the well-known Skeleton Coast Safaris, the enterprise that his children now share, and this legacy has enabled the Schoeman family to continue to expand and spread the voice of conservation, while retaining high standards and attention to detail.

The Schoeman children, now all adults, have grown up on this craggy shoreline and hold the very secrets of the Skeleton Coast. This legacy of love for the land is what makes this experience so unique and unforgettable.

Using their own aircraft as a safari vehicle, guests find themselves transported from one place of special interest to another, flying at “see” level to give the traveler a breathtaking view before landing and departing via Land Rover or on foot.

A few of the highlights of this experience include:

  • A desolate coastline with adjoining roaring dunes
  • Ugab rock formations
  • Colorful red lava and yellow sandstone of the Huab environment
  • Ancient bushman rock engravings
  • The living “fossil” tree, Welwitschia mirabilis
  • A visit to a settlement of the nomadic Himba people
  • Panoramic vistas of the Hartmann Valley, which extends to the Kunene River on the Angolan border

Accommodation consists of three, fully-equipped tented desert camps, which nestle into the natural environment. The first of these is in the lower reaches of the Huab River in the Erongo Region (Damaraland); the second is located under the camel thorn trees and the makalani palms in the Hoarusib Valley in the Kunene Region (Kaokoland); and the third is located on the northwestern Namibian border overlooking the Kunene River.

The Namibia camps are all tented and extremely comfortable, erected in sites chosen for their unique beauty and low impact on the fragile environment. Comfortable tents with en suite bucket showers and flush toilets will delight the traveler with the essence of adventure. All equipment such as bedding, lamps, torches, mirrors, towels, and amenities are provided. The freshly-prepared, exquisite meals showcase fruits, vegetables, and local flavors, complemented by a wide assortment of juices, beers, wines, and house spirits.

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