Sail through the remote Galapagos Islands in comfort and style on the Infinity Luxury Yacht.

Property Details

A maximum of 20 passengers will share the¬†Infinity Luxury Yacht on each departure. Its eight cabins and two suites are outfitted with floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows and private balconies. Through these portals, the wild and wonderful Galapagos Islands are your constant companion. Decor is distinctly nautical with the color scheme of blue and white bedding and pillows. Bright artwork focusing on the Galapagos’ topography and wildlife hangs on the walls and shiny, wood floors are a stylish finish in such a far-flung place. Cleansing yourself is a cinch with the L’Occitane bath amenities. There is a television in the room, but we doubt you will spend much time watching it.

Salty sea air brushes your skin while dining al fresco. Fuel up for a day of adventure in the dining room with a buffet breakfast. Disembark and set out to explore with a naturalist guide; an unimaginable array of unique creatures can be found in this pristine archipelago.

Hop among the islands, each one different from the next. Black Turtle Cove’s mangrove-covered inlet is only accessible by dinghy. Black and white tip sharks, baby hammerheads, sea turtles, and rays glide right under the surface. Sea birds soar in the sky. The rocky shores of El Barranco are home to whole flocks, squawking in chorus. The jagged volcanic rocks look inhospitable, but they safely shelter many plants and animals. Iguanas skitter hither and tither on Dragon Hill.

A lagoon of pink flamingos tuck their long necks into the murky water. Sea lions lounge and play in the tide pools of Darwin Bay. Snorkel in Sullivan Bay and walk on the sandy beach of Rabida Island. Water spurts from the blowhole spraying you with its refreshing chill.

See the little baby turtles at the Charles Darwin Research Station. The hatchlings are cared for until they are about four-years-old and strong enough to be released into the wild seas. Watching Giant Tortoises lumbering through the greenery on Santa Cruz is a sight you won’t easily forget on your once-in-a-lifetime journey on the Infinity Luxury Yacht.

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