Wildlife of Ecuador

Wildlife of Ecuador

From the Amazon to the Galapagos, see Ecuador’s spectacular flora and fauna from a completely different perspective. This 11-night journey kicks off in Quito and then heads to a comfortable cruise along the Ecuadorian Amazon’s Napo River, concluding in the Galapagos in search of the region’s iconic blue-footed boobies, sea lions, reef sharks, and more.

Suggested Itinerary-at-a-glance:

  • Day 1:

    Arrive Quito / Illa Experience Hotel 



  • Day 2:

    Quito / Illa Experience Hotel (B,L)

  • Day 3:

    Napo River / Anakonda Riverboat (B,D)

  • Day 4:

    Napo River / Anakonda Riverboat (B,L,D)

  • Day 5:

    Napo River / Anakonda Riverboat (B,L,D)

  • Day 6:

    Napo River / Anakonda Riverboat (B,L,D)

  • Day 7:

    Quito / Illa Experience Hotel (B)

  • Day 8:

    Galapagos Islands / Pikaia Lodge (B,L,D)


  • Day 9:

    Galapagos Islands / Pikaia Lodge (B,L,D)

  • Day 10:

    Galapagos Islands / Pikaia Lodge (B,L,D)

  • Day 11:

    Galapagos Islands / Pikaia Lodge (B,L,D)

  • Day 12:


Itinerary Description:

Experience Ecuador's natural wealth on our journey starting in Quito, a historic treasure which was once the capital of the northern Inca Empire. You will visit a variety of ancient sites in this UNESCO-listed city and get a taste of its modern identity in the galleries and boutiques. The Spanish built beautiful churches, the presidential and archbishop palaces, the cathedral, and a Jesuit church in the historical district.

After you get enough of city life, you will be whisked off to Ecuador's wild side in the Amazon. Sail along the Napo River through the misty forests, spotting a variety of flora and fauna. Pink river dolphins, giant otters, turtles, native birds, and primates are likely to be encountered. Local naturalists will help you better understand the Ecuadorian Amazon. Walk through the forests at night, observing the activities of the nocturnal creatures.

Go canoeing in the waters of Yasuni National Park, home to a unique animals like the pink river dolphin and the elusive manatee. Meet with a Quechua family to learn about their culture and way of life. On board the vessel, you will learn how to make Ecuadorian cuisine with the chef.

Next you will be transferred to the Galapagos Islands, a remote and stunning place where nature abounds. Snorkel in the water teeming with life. Marine iguanas, sea lions, sharks, flamingos, blue-footed boobies, and herons are just some of the wildlife you will see up-close.

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