Located inside the Yasuni National Park, the Napo Wildlife Center Ecolodge is committed to providing guests an amazing wildlife experience with responsible tourism top of mind. With a sophisticated water treatment process, solar power and a pledge to protect ancestral lands, Napo Wildlife Center welcomes guests to the pristine Amazonian paradise.

Property Details

A collection of 14 private cabanas combine traditional building styles with comfortable modern updates. Accented with natural building materials and Ecuadorian textiles, the ample beds, screened windows, mosquito netting and ceiling fans are among the amenities in the cozy cabins. Guests enjoy a serene view of the lake and forest from their private patio. Opt for one of four luxury suites, each with front and back porches and expanded space for retreating after exploring. An advanced hybrid power system includes solar panels, batteries and noiseless diesel engines to ensure that the lodge has electricity at all times despite its remote location. Running water is in constant supply – it comes from the Anangu Lake in front of the lodge and is treated naturally in a series of wetlands to avoid polluting the lake.

The lodge’s main building features several spacious terraces with relaxing furnishings and hammocks – ideal spaces from which to relax and listen to the chatter of the forest. Texts on birding and the local wildlife can be found in the lodge library, best enjoyed over a cold beer or glass of wine from the bar. Meals showcase the best of local Ecuadorian cuisine in the open-air dining room. Otters and black cayman can be seen from the lake’s dock, and the call of the red howler monkey is often heard before morning excursions.

Wildlife activities at Napo are endless and intimate. Professional naturalist guides are all part of the Anangu community, an indigenous Quichua group, and have generations of knowledge about their ancestral lands. On hiking excursions and tours by canoe these skilled guides will point out the wonders of the area biology. The lodge also features two parrot clay licks on property, with early morning treks to the blinds often netting sightings of mealy, orange-winged, cobalt-winged, orange-cheeked and many other macaws, parakeets and parrots. Venture 35 miles from the lodge to the 125-foot canopy viewing tower for possible sightings of troops of howler, capuchins, monk sakis or spider monkeys. If you prefer to stay close to the lodge, climb to the top of the lodge’s 50-foot viewing tower to see the canopy from above – on a clear day, you may even see the Andes in the distance.

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