An eco-lodge that originated before the dawn of ecotourism, La Selva Jungle Lodge is a unique accommodation on the Napo River that provides the ultimate experience deep inside the Amazon Rainforest. Their motto is “in the jungle, anything is possible”, and indeed real adventure is possible here, walking in pristine rainforest with expert guides and native trackers that have dedicated their lives to educating visitors on the Amazon.

Property Details

The 19 bungalows, including four oversized family cabanas, are entirely constructed of secondary rainforest materials and designed to blend seamlessly with Ecuador’s jungle. Thatched roofs and natural materials give the lodge a rustic and authentic feel, while cozy beds and amenities like hot water and electricity provide comfort beyond your expectations.

Guests are divided into small groups here for excursions with highly trained naturalists and native guides, some of whom have been with the lodge since its inception in 1986. Creating a family atmosphere is important at La Selva, and immediately on arrival, you will be welcomed into the large, caring family that staffs and supports the lodge.

Despite its distance from civilization, the lodge provides gourmet cuisine at all meals, created from only the freshest naturally produced ingredients. Expect to try interesting jungle fruits such as guayabas, morete, tomate de arbol, and many others, some of which cannot be found outside of the jungle. The lodge also bakes its own bread and makes fresh pasta for use in its delicious fare.

During your stay at La Selva Jungle Lodge, you will be able to experience the jungle in intimate encounters, discovering the amazing flora, fauna, and people of the area. Visit the Butterfly Farm, observe tropical birds flitting through the canopy at eye level from the Tree Tower, fish for piranha from the dock, hike the rainforest trails with your guide, or venture into the rainforest at night to discover nocturnal species. The lodge shares a special responsibility with the people of the nearby villages, and both have done everything in their power to protect and respect the surrounding environment. Throughout your stay, your guides and staff will educate you on the efforts being made to preserve the purity of the region, including their decision to eliminate disposable plastics in their everyday lodge functions and to support the local Pilche community with humanitarian efforts.

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