Indonesia travel is defined by the country’s many islands, each one offering something completely unique from the next, whether culture, customs, cuisine, landscape, or wildlife. Standing as the paradisiacal archetype of them all is Bali luxury travel—a tropical beach-strewn paradise for the ultimate far-flung vacationer. A Bali luxury vacation is the perfect way to spend one’s honeymoon.

Lapped by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, Bali is but one of many islands forming the Indonesian archipelago. And yet it stands on its own from the rest for its intangible Balinese essence, a sort of utopian spirit that extends well beyond its natural wonders. Yes, Bali—or the “Island of the Gods”—is preceded by its reputation for being a veritable Eden for nature and history lovers. It is filled with a plethora of artisans, rice terraces, and volcanic hillsides, as well as gushing waterfalls and untrodden beaches ripe for discovery. Of course, the island is none so more heralded than for its fun-in-the-sun island setting. Here, lavish getaways stand perched on small droplets of sand, creating a place where beachside relaxation, barefoot luxury, wild surfs, and leisurely island hopping excursions occupy an ever-present tropical state of mind.

For all of its natural beauty, what really makes heavenly Bali luxury travel so memorable is the legendary Balinese smiles on display throughout the island. Whether experienced at a frequent flower-petal offering or a traditional music and dance performance, the mysticism and captivating spiritual culture of Bali is always on display, especially in the island’s Hindu monasteries and ancient temples. It’s this generous warmth of the Balinese people that makes any visitor feel peace-filled and always returning back for more.

Bali is a beautiful, living postcard that invites visitors to soak up the sun along the white sands, commune with living creatures on land and water, and immerse themselves in a sparkling Balinese culture, unique from any other. Contact a Ker & Downey expert today to include the many paradises of Bali on your next luxury Southeast Asia journey. Discover our Bali vacation packages below and book luxury travel to Bali today.