The best places to travel in April take you away from crowds, but put you in the heart of some of the best destinations in the world. April is green season for many of our favorite places and the weather in these destinations is ideal for exploring and experiencing different cultures around the world with our curated journeys.


At the start of the year, Madagascar sees heavy rains, but by April, most of the storms have cleared. Lemurs and reptiles emerge to enjoy the sunshine and countryside. In addition to turning the country lush and green, the rains cool it off slightly, making it an ideal time to take a Madagascar safari.

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April marks the first full-season launch of the Belmond Grand Hibernian luxury train, which transports travelers on two-, four-, and six-night journeys through Ireland. We at Ker & Downey are so excited about this new offering in the Emerald Isle and think travelers should take advantage of this unique train to explore such Irish gems as Cork, Waterford, Belfast, Galway, and Killarney. Spring is also the perfect time for an Irish golfing trip. Why not combine the Grand Hibernian’s many golf stops with an exclusive tee time at one of Ireland’s iconic greens before or after your captivating journey by train?

Best Places to Travel in April - Luxury Ireland Travel - Ker Downey

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen’s busy season typically begins in May. By visiting in April, travelers can take advantage of this small but delightful Scandinavian city at its full potential. Hotel rates are low, streets are less crowded, and the dark, cold days have passed.

Best Places to Travel in April - Luxury Denmark Travel - Ker Downey


If you want to go on a classic luxury safari in the spring, Botswana is one of the best places to travel in April. It’s just before peak tourism season, which means the game viewing is at its best, yet human traffic is light. The seasons are transitioning between hot, rainy summer to the pleasant days of winter, with clear skies and cool nights. April is perfect for early morning game drives and tales of the day’s sightings around the campfire at night.

Best Places to travel in April - Luxury Botswana Safari - Ker Downey


Travel to the enchanting land of the Berbers and ancient cities in April when the hillsides are blooming with almond blossom. It’s a great time to explore the colorful cities, mountains, and desert, or simply sip mint tea and people-watch from a cafe. Our 12-day journey to Morocco explores the ancient culture in both the city and the desert, with stays at Morocco’s most decadent accommodations.

Best Places to travel in April - Luxury Morocco Travel - Ker Downey

Quito, Ecuador

April marks the opening of the highly-anticipated Illa Boutique Hotel in Quito. Located in the heart of the artistic district of Quito downtown, the Illa Boutique Hotel will offer not only exclusiveness, but also comfort and style in a renovated mansion. Be one of the first to experience its delights in April, perhaps before departing on a journey through the Galapagos to witness the green sea turtles and land iguanas hatch.

Best Places to Travel in April - Luxury Ecuador Travel - Ker Downey

Hong Kong

To avoid both the cool winters and humid summers, travel to Hong Kong in the spring. From April to May, there are several cultural celebrations happening around the city and southwest. On the tiny island of Cheung Chau, you can partake in the quirky Cheung Chau Bun Festival where competitors scramble up a tower of buns. Unique experiences and nice weather make Hong Kong one of our best places to travel in April.

Best Places to travel in April - Luxury Hong Kong Travel - Ker Downey

Norwegian Arctic

April is when the real “arctic” feeling occurs in the Arctic Circle. From the Lofoten Islands to the Svalbard islands, the region’s endless vistas and icy magic are at their most heightened during this time. We recommend exploring the national parks and nature reserves of the region with a private guide in search of the area’s many land and marine animals. Look for long haired reindeer, foxes, seals, walrus colonies, and more than 2,500 polar bears who make their appearance around this time.

Best Places to Travel in April - Luxury Norway Travel - Ker Downey


Ring in the Thai New Year during the world’s largest water fight as the locals take to the streets with water guns and buckets of water in celebration. The act of throwing and sprinkling of water originates from the ritual of cleaning the images of Buddha with blessed water. Soaking others is a sign of respect and hope of good fortune, so join in and get wet!

Best Places to Travel in April - Luxury Norway Travel - Ker Downey


It’s the end of the dry season and warmer weather makes it an ideal time for water sports enthusiasts who will enjoy the calm seas.

Best Places to Travel in April - Luxury Travel - Ker Downey


This is one of the best months to travel to Cuba when the crowds are thinner. The weather is pretty dry, not too hot, and days are long and sunny.

Best Places to Travel in April - Luxury Travel - Ker Downey

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