Exotic & Untamed Island Paradise

This Madagascar safari by Ker & Downey showcases all of the island’s untamed and unbelievable bests, from the gnarly Spiny Forests of the South to the epic island paradises of the North. Private transfers to and from each destination allow you to make the most of your two-week Madagascar luxury safari amid the country’s unique lemurs, local tribes, marine life, and landscapes.

Wildlife in Madagascar

Your classic Madagascar safari begins in the country's bustling capital of Antananarivo, lovingly referred to as "Tana" among locals, which serves as a gateway to the rest of the country.

A mere four-hour drive outside of the city is the incredible Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, a stunning forest protecting some of the country's rarest lemurs, including the ever-popular Indri Indri. From your private bungalow at Vakona Forest Lodge, embark on guided explorations through the surrounding nature, trekking through the Analamazotra Reserve, canoeing to the Lemur Island sanctuary, and setting out on nighttime nature walks.

After a night in Antananarivo, your next adventure on your African safari holiday awaits in the south, the country's most impressive and diverse region. Just north of the surfer haven of Fort Dauphin is the sacred Ifotaka Community Forest, home to the beautiful and fiercely traditional Antandroy tribe. Settle in along the Mandrare River in the indulgent tents of Mandrare River Camp, where the sound of coucal birds and Antandroy children add to the serene riverside setting. The surrounding Spiny and Gallery forests are some of the most pristine in the country, passionately protected by the Antandroy due to being the site of their ancestor's ornate burial tombs. Spend three days along the river experiencing the rich tapestry of wildlife and culture exclusive to the region. Sundowners under the Baobab groves, shopping at the local village, intimate encounters with the Antandroy people, and traditional performances of song and dance around the campfire are some of the most memorable takeaways from this region.

After exploring the south, spend one night in Antananarivo then travel onward to the north for four days of island paradise. Off the coast of Nosy Be is the small volcanic island of Tsarabanjina, a speck in the Indian Ocean that feels entirely yours. Spend four days following the rhythm of the clear ocean, soaking in the extravagance of the Constance Tsarabanjina, delighting in sumptuous seafood, and exploring the underwater biodiversity of the Mitsio coral reefs. This is island living at its best, where time is told by the rising and setting of the sun and where bare feet are the only dress code. Book one of our African safari holidays today for an unforgettable experience.

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