The Scottish Highlands are the quintessential picture of rugged Scotland – undulating hills, shimmering lakes, historic villages, and incredible castles. The mountains and taiga (the only such biome in the UK) offer an insight into the land that inspires the enduring legacy of the Highland clans. The region still offers ample outdoor activity to tempt the adventurer within, whether or not you intend to don a tartan.

Perthshire, known as “the big county,” serves as a gateway to the north, marking the change of terrain from the Lowlands of central Scotland, with hilly walking trails and some of the country’s most famous golf courses among the popular attractions. Whether you want the wander the grounds of one of Queen Mary’s castles, or taste the offerings of the country’s smallest distillery, the region is full of curiosities.

The National Parks are wild havens for birdlife, endemic deer, and small mammals, ideal for treks and cycling excursions. Inverness is considered the gateway to the Highlands and is quickly growing into a bustling major city. Not far from Inverness the infamous Loch Ness awaits, as does Britain’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis.

The region around Glen Nevis is known for its spectacular beauty—some even say it is the best hiking on the British Isles. Tales of past uprisings and clan wars echo through its emerald hills, all brought to life you your Ker & Downey guide.

With so many adventures available, you will want to make sure that your journey is curated to reflect your interests and preferred speed. Ker & Downey’s destination specialists and personal guides will work with you throughout the planning process to craft the perfect itinerary, and once you are on the ground, our guides will continue to tailor the experience to your tastes, revealing new experiences, or guiding you deeper into topics of interest. So go ahead, explore.