Experience luxury Scotland travel with Ker & Downey. The proud northernmost country of the United Kingdom has a long and storied past. At just over 30,000 square miles, Scotland has a history ranging back to the Roman Empire. Plus, its cultural artifacts cover the world.

Although an integral part of Great Britain since 1707, Scotland has maintained a separate and distinct identity for 300 years. The return of a devolved Scottish parliament to Edinburgh in 1999 marked a growing confidence. It also contributed to a sense of pride in the nation’s achievements and individuality.

There are more than 700 islands in the country, most being located in the Inner and Outer Hebrides just off the coast from the quintessential Scottish landscape: The Highlands. Cultural capitals of Edinburgh and Glasgow hold fascinating stock of history and contemporary culture. Live music and arts festivals ensure that Scotland’s future is as colorful and relevant as the country has been for centuries.

Despite its small size, Scotland is a treasure trove for those who love stories, both true and fantastical. It’s the birthplace of the world’s finest whisky and the sport of golf. Plus, its wild landscape has inspired imaginations for centuries with tall tales of giants roaming the hills and living in the depths of Loch Ness. Scotland has inspired narrative as profound as Shakespeare’s Macbeth, while at the same time, retaining the levity to keep the unicorn as their national animal. This blend of intensity and wit permeates the country. Ker & Downey’s expert guides will unlock the best of both throughout your trip with exclusive access and local encounters. You will be moved, and you will have the time of your life during our Scotland vacation tours.

Luxury Scotland Travel with Ker & Downey

The United Kingdom itself is a wealth of incredible experiences and history. Ker & Downey’s luxury travel consultants can help you craft a custom journey that includes the best of this beautiful region. Go at Scotland head on and on its own. Or, combine it with its United Kingdom neighbors for a well-rounded and wonderful epic journey.

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