The Mountain Lodges of Peru are the definition of "true comfort and true service, amidst true adventure." This collection of lodges is nestled high in the mountains and is exclusive to guests seeking adventure while hiking the picturesque trails of the Sacred Valley surrounding Machu Picchu.

Property Details

Time-tested bio-climatic architectural standards were employed when constructing the lodges, optimizing the buildings’ sun exposure and protection from the elements, and also decreasing the total energy consumption of each property. Each lodge has its own unique atmosphere, calling upon inspiration from Inca history, mountain spirits, music and nature for interior ambiance. All guest rooms feature a private bath with hot showers, organic shampoos and soaps, plus cozy luxury linens. Wood stoves are the highlight of the roomy communal living and dining areas – inviting places to relax and recount the adventure of the day’s trek.

The menu is designed to be light, traditionally Peruvian and full of ingredients that provide energy and satisfaction after demanding hikes. Splendid five-course dinners are served, utilizing locally-sourced jams, vegetables and poultry. Partake in warm lunches on the trail, and before departure each morning guests may pack their own supply of granola, dried fruits and nuts to snack on while traveling. A traditional Pachamanca meal, usually reserved for special occasions, is prepared over a fire in the garden at Colpa Lodge to celebrate the guests.

Salkantay Lodge and Adventure Resort – Located at 12,460 feet, 12 double rooms

Wayra Lodge – Located at 12,630 feet, 6 double rooms

Colpa Lodge – 9,180 feet, 6 double rooms

Lucma Lodge – 6,890 feet, 6 double rooms

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