Sunny and warm with refreshing ocean breezes, Peru’s northern coastal cities are ideal points for cultural exploration and recreation. Chiclayo’s rich history, the resort town of Mancora and cultural mecca of Trujillo are all highlights of this lavish coast.

Chiclayo is a thriving modern hub with roots as far back as the first century. Stunning colonial architecture reflects the area’s prosperity during the Colonial era, while several archeological sites near the city have uncovered treasures that rival the wealth of the pharohs. A legendary reputation of happy attitudes and excellent hospitality have earned the city the nickname “The City of Friendship.”

Mancora is tucked away on the far north of Peru’s coast, close to the border with Ecuador. The small resort town is a surfer’s paradise, with a dry tropical climate and good waves rising from the pristine azure waters. Incredibly diverse marine life can be found here, including whales, dolphins, marine birds, sea lions and incredible fish species.

The Trujillo metropolis is historically one of the most affluent areas of Peru. Trujillo is considered the cultural capital of Peru due to the great number of annual festivals, and has been called “The City of Eternal Spring” for its year-round pleasant climate. The city center, walled to ward off greedy pirate attacks, houses many stately homes, churches and convents, all retaining their 18th-century architecture and splendor. Near the city, discover numerous archaeological monuments from the Mochica and Chimú cultures, including the UNESCO World Heritage site of Chan Chan.