Explore the fascinating and diverse ecology of the world’s largest rainforest, where thousands of species of flora and fauna are waiting to be discovered. This fascinating and exotic destination is primarily reached by one of two entry points in Peru: Iquitos in the north, or Puerto Maldonado in the south.

Iquitos is generally accepted to be the largest city in the world that cannot be accessed by road, and it is here that you can embark upon the Aria Amazon and the Delfin boats, the premier luxury cruise ships sailing the northern Amazon.

On board the ships, you will travel along the Amazonian tributaries, fish the world’s second longest river, trek into the jungle to visit the myriad tropical species, or interact with the local populations that make their home along this remarkable river. Each of the vessels maximizes guests’ experience with large rooms, excellent food, and a optimal guide-to-guest ratio. Sitting on the deck looking out over the stunning jungle sunset, you’ll feel like you are in a private paradise.

The southern portion of the Peruvian Amazon is a dream destination for the nature enthusiasts. The region is home to the Manú National Park, the largest national park in Peru, and the Tambopata Candamo Nature Reserve. The Tambopata Candamo Reserve incorporates three different ecosystems: the Amazonian plains, the Andes Mountains, and the Pampas lowlands, and the Manú National Park spreads from the Andes to the Madre de Dios River.

In this region you will find Inkaterra’s Reserva Amazonica, a true jungle lodge, staffed with researchers and naturalists. You’ll don Wellington boots at the beginning of each day as you strike out into the ever evolving rainforest exploring the floor, the canopy, and the network of creeks and rivers weaving throughout.

Manú is well-known for excellent bird watching, with more species of birds found in the park than in the United States and Canada combined. Both reserves feature fantastic ecosystems to explore, as well as a number of indigenous communities. Adventure opportunities abound in this fascinating region, and your Ker & Downey travel expert will happily assist you in customizing your own Amazonian itinerary.