The Belmond Andean Explorer is one of the highest train routes in the world. This luxury train transports up to 48 passengers through the vibrant cities and natural wonders of Peru on one or two night itineraries.

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The Belmond Andean Explorer stops each night to ensure a restful sleep and a day full of admiring the beautiful vistas. Beginning in either Cusco or Puno, this train will whisk you past condors flying through sweeping valleys and snow-capped mountains.

Observation, Lounge, and Spa cars are the perfect places to unwind. The colors and textures throughout this train are inspired by Peruvian nature, from soft ivory Alpaca tones, to Andean slate grays. There are 34 cabins ranging in size and each with its own en-suite bathroom and shower. The Bunk Bed Cabins offer a traditional sleeper train experience, while the Double Bed Cabin is more spacious with a comfortable double bed and a seating area.

Seasonal, local dishes are prepared in the two elegant Dining Cars serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner and a refreshing afternoon tea after day excursions.

The Belmond Andean Explorer makes several stops, giving travelers the opportunity to explore points of interest along the way. Itineraries take travelers through Cusco, the ancient capital of the Inca Empire, archaeological sites, and the plains of the Andes. A stop in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city of Arequipa, gives travelers the opportunity to explore its plaza and white baroque buildings at the base of a volcano. Another journey takes a trip to Titicaca, the largest lake in South America, home to many islands where travelers will enjoy a private lunch and watch a traditional dance. A boat ride onto the lake takes you to the man-made island of Uros, made of woven reeds. Take a step back in time at the Sumbay Caves, home to paintings estimated to be almost 8,000 years old.

The Belmond Andean’s Spa Car ensures guests get a very Peruvian experience. Local ingredients are used as part of rejuvenating massages and facials. The Piano Bar Car has a medium grand piano, setting the backdrop for an evening of cocktails and conversations with fellow passengers. The Observation Car is a place to appreciate the breathtaking landscape from the open deck. In the library, read more about the history and culture of Peru as you weave your way through the breathtaking Peruvian landscape.

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