When compared to England’s more urban destinations, Northern England is quite set apart. Sparsely populated, its residents are often as rustic and rugged as the surrounding landscape. Here the accents are bolder, the outdoors are wilder, and those who take time to get better acquainted will find a pride in the past that is almost tangible. Ranging from River Dee to River Trent and up to the Scottish border, England’s North Country encompasses some of the island’s most magnificent landscapes and lore.

Northern England is a treasure trove of Roman ruins dating back to the age of Brittania, but perhaps the most stunning is Hadrian’s Wall. Meandering from the Irish Sea to the North Sea, this stacked stone fortification is among many UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Northern England. Ker & Downey’s private guides get you up close to the wall and the most fascinating sections of the 84-mile Hadrian’s Wall Path.

The coast of Northern England is famously desolate, and from its shores to its undulating interior, Northumberland is scattered with castles. Among them, Bamburgh Castle harbors whispers of the War of the Roses, Alnwick Castle has doubled as Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films, and Norham Castle can be found at the River Tweed perched precariously overlooking the border with Scotland; these are the sights that arouse tales of medieval legend and magic.

More medieval heritage is found in the architecture of York, centering around the cherished Gothic cathedral of York Minster. Outside the city, the country house named Castle Howard is a shrine to bygone grandeur and was the filming location for the acclaimed Brideshead Revisited miniseries and film.

This land of rugged wonder is not without its cities, Newcastle the largest among them. Victorian facades and former factories erected during the industrial revolution are home today to a vibrant collection of galleries, museums, and pubs. While its rollicking nightlife is a draw for the party animal, strolling the streets with a private Ker & Downey guide shows you the sights like a true local, avoiding the more rowdy tourist spots.

If a journey “up north” is on your luxury England travel agenda, contact your Ker & Downey luxury travel consultant to plan out every detail.