Explore the glimmering Adriatic coast from Le Meridien Lav, just a stone's throw away from the historic town of Split.

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Bright spacious rooms welcome ample sunlight into the contemporary spaces at Le Meridien Lav. Black and white photographs line the walls, and the neutral tones allow the dazzling shades of blues of the Adriatic to really shimmer. Take in the fresh sea breeze from the balcony and watch the yachts go by.

Dining options include restaurants, cafes, and bars. The Dalmatian coast is on full display at the Spalatum Restaurant where fresh ingredients are used to prepare meals. Watch the sunset shift to a night under the stars as you sip on a glass of Croatian wine. Traditional Croatian recipes like truffle pasta and shrimp risotto, are served with local cheese, olive oil, and prosciutto in the Pivnica Restaurant with its dark walls and stylish coastal themed decor. Indulge your sweet tooth with one of the hotel’s eclairs in a range of local flavors like fig and apricot. For a dose of culture, head to inspect the exhibitions by local artists hosted in the Art Cafe.

After a day of exploring historic Old Town of Split, unwind at Le Meridien Lav with one of the 70 treatments offered in the spa. Consider taking a soothing dip in the infinity pool or go to the private beach to bask in the sunlight. Lounge under an umbrella or splash in the gentle surf as yachts pass in the Adriatic.

The southwest corner of Split is a pretty harbor: a place that Author George Bernard Shaw wrote has the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Wander through the pine trees and into the Middle Ages monastery of St. Stephen where Croatian kings were once buried.

In the Old Town of Split, within the enclosure of an ancient Roman palace, lies a vibrant town center with cafes, restaurants, and shops buzzing with activity. At night the area becomes even more alive with the sounds of live music floating through the warm air.

Climb to the top of the Marjan Hill to see Split down below, its red roofs a contrast to the waters of the turquoise and cobalt Adriatic Sea.

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