Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia
Travel to the Balkans

Travel to the Balkans with Ker & Downey. Ker & Downey’s Balkans Heritage Tour journeys to Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia. Immerse yourself in the rich cultures of these countries and learn how they were each once connected to the former Yugoslavian empire.

Itinerary At-A-Glance:

  • Day 1 - 5: Slovenia
  • Day 6 - 10: Croatia
  • Day 11 - 12: Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Day 13 - 15: Serbia

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More Details

First kick off your Balkans Heritage Tour in Slovenia. 

Lake Bled

Vila Bled, the former summer residence of Yugoslavia’s President Tito, is just one of the places to dig into deep history on this unique itinerary. While here explore the Alpine lakes region, visit the 1,000-year-old Bled Castle, and take a leisurely bicycle ride around the scenic Lake Bled. You will find that Slovenia is a verdant wonderland of mountains and valleys.


Next spend a night at Hisa Franko, a charming property believed to be where Ernest Hemingway penned A Farewell to Arms. Innovative chef Ana Ros dishes up Slovenian gastronomical delights in the restaurant paired (of course) with local wines.


Your last Slovenian stop is in the capital, Ljubljana. Add to your travel to the Balkans with a climb up to the top of the 900-year-old castle to take in the views of the city down below.

Next continue your on your Balkans Heritage Tour in Croatia. Discover a treasure of quaint villages, pristine nature (the world’s oldest national park is here), and spellbinding cities. 


Zagreb, its charming capital, is full of museums—more than any other city in the world!


After Zagreb, begin winding your way through the country. While in Zadar, stop at the wineries outside the city for a tasting. The medieval walled city nestled on the Dalmatia Coast is not to be missed. 


Then save the best for last with Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic. En route, stop in Split for a chance to people watch in one of the city's many cafes. Once you get your caffeine fix, explore the Diocletian Palace’s narrow streets. Finally, the city Dubrovnik is a gem of baroque buildings, Renaissance churches, steep limestone streets, and unbelievable views of the sea all drenched in glorious sunshine most of the year.

While it often flies under the Balkans radar, Bosnia and Herzegovina brims with interest. Therefore, your Balkans Heritage Tour would be incomplete without a visit. Sarajevo’s Ottoman, Yugoslav, and Austro-Hungarian mix tells a tale of this city. Indeed,strolling through the Old Town is like taking a journey to a different land, the scent of spices lingering in the air. Minarets jut into the sky next to domed churches. Meanwhile, Sarajevo’s painful past is still visible in its War Tunnel, a leftover from the breakup of the former Yugoslavia. Despite its former turbulence, today Sarajevo is an example of tolerance. To learn more about including Bosnia and Herzegovina in your travel to the Balkans, check out the travel report from the journalist we sent there from Travel + Leisure Magazine.

The final stop on our Balkans Heritage journey is Serbia. Cruise the Danube River through Belgrade, a city that has faced close to 115 battles and been destroyed 44 times. Once the principal center of activity for the Ottoman Europe and later serving as the capital of Yugoslavia, Belgrade is a city of many layers. Visiting Tito’s grave and watching a folk dance performance are just some of the activities you will enjoy in Serbia.

Travel to the Balkans with Ker & Downey

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