The Lesic Dimitri Palace is surrounded by rich history and culture on the Croatian island of Korcula in the sparkling Adriatic.

Property Details

Escape into a blissful and intimate retreat that encompasses the essence of the Dalmatian coast. The Lesic Dimitri Palace is an 18th century restored building which melds old and new, maintaining some of the original features of the former cottages. Five suites in separate apartments are inspired by Korcula’s famous resident, Marco Polo, who traveled along the Silk Road.

Subtle inspiration was drawn from the Silk Road, and hints from the route’s regions are integrated into the decor. All are named appropriately, too. Consider Ceylon with vaulted ceilings and textiles that hint at its South Asian roots. Another space takes influence from China with pops of red and has a terrace that offers stunning views of the sunrise. The Arabic has a tented white ceiling and a king bed promising a restful night’s sleep. Venetian influence is on display in another suite with the grandeur of this Italian city conveyed through the stained-red ceiling and a private balcony of carved wood. The India Residence is an enchanting two bedroom space with a Jacuzzi and a living and dining room. Rich fabrics, marble, stone walls, lattice patterns, and Indian style furnishings give guests a glimpse of what Marco Polo might have seen in his exotic travels.

Each suite ranges in size from one to three bedrooms, as well as private kitchens and dining areas. Guests can choose to create their own meals or have a chef tend to their every whim.

In the on-site restaurant, dine on fresh and seasonal food, mostly sourced locally from the sea like the cuttlefish ragu. The terrace stretches along a medieval wall and offers gorgeous views of the azure channel and the green Korcula archipelago. Korcula is know for its white grapes, and the sommelier helps guests select from Croatian wines. One wine varietal’s roots can be traced back to Greek settlers who arrived on this stunning island in the fourth century.

Unwind in the spa that blends techniques from various cultures along the Silk Road. Indulge in Ayurvedic oil treatments, massages, and scrubs using Mediterranean roots, herbs, fruits, and flowers.

Beyond Lesic Dimitri Palace, wander along the cobbled streets of Korcula. When the sea calls, take a ferry to explore the neighboring islands.

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