A hidden gem in the Quindío department of the famed Eje Cafetero, Hacienda Bambusa inhabits a magical corner of the world where the towering green peaks of the Central Andes Mountain range, forests of centenary and bamboo, and mazes of plantain, manioc, and orange plantations coexist in grandeur. In its first life, it was an active coffee farming estate; in its second, one of Colombia’s most celebrated and beloved boutique hotels. Today, Hacienda Bambusa—reopened in 2014 under new, energized management—represents the very best of what Colombia has to offer: fresh food, legendary coffee, infectious company, extraordinary adventure, and supernatural scenery. Coffee-loving, authenticity-chasing adventurers rejoice!

Property Details

Far from compromising Bambusa’s cherished spirit, the recent upgrades and sustainability practices at Hacienda Bambusa have elevated its hospitality and polish, while also enhancing guests’ appreciation of the uniqueness and intimacy of the property.

The house—an authentic colonial hacienda—is a distinctive mixture of modern style and countryside vernacular, constructed of bamboo guadua and clay tiles in the style of the homes in the Coffee Triangle. There has been a particular attention to detail in the eight rooms, which have been infused with art and inspiration from Colombian artist Santiago Montoya and enriched with such creature comforts as complimentary wireless Internet access, private en-suite bathrooms with L’Occitane bath amenities, and ample hammock-adorned private balconies with views of the swimming pool and manicured gardens. The simplicity of the rooms’ white washed walls and naturally reclaimed bamboo furniture, paired with the emerald passageways and multi-colored, eye-popping artwork is a backdrop beyond description.

Described as “Colombian, with a twist,” the food at Hacienda Bambusa is both delicate and delicious and prepared by the ambitious Chef Cristian Monroy with ingredients cultivated on the hacienda grounds. A tour of the property grounds with Camillo, the young biologist, reveals the cattle, cocoa, ginger, and plantains utilized in the gourmet cuisine, as well as the bananas, mangoes, and tangerines picked right off the trees to create fresh, made-to-order juices. Also on the property is an array of exotic flowers, more than 100 species of birds, and various mammals such as monkeys, foxes, armadillos, and pacas.

Eje Cafetero is the cradle of Colombian coffee, and the surrounding countryside of Quindío offers an endless menu of immersive ways to experience its beauty and history. Explore this stunning region by air in a hot air balloon, by ground on horseback, by water in a white water raft, and, of course, by cup at the surrounding coffee plantations. In the end, Hacienda Bambusa is less about excess and more about getting back to what is most important about life. It is a place to awaken to the sound of birds, feast on the local harvest, luxuriate in the surrounding nature, and experience all that makes Colombia so special.

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