Magical Moments Amid the Highlights

The very best of Colombia luxury travel reveals itself on this quintessential 12-day tour. Experience the many charms of Colombia, from its fantastical scenery and progressive cities, to its famous coffee and fun Caribbean culture.

First, your Best of Colombia tour begins in Colombia’s capital city of Bogotá and the elegant Four Seasons Hotel Casa Medina. Over three days, take time to learn about Bogotá’s history, politics, and street art in the La Candelaria neighborhood with a private guide. Then embark on a discovery of the city’s impressive art scene. Visit the Gold Museum and the Botero Museum with a private guide. Afterwards, pop into the city’s top art galleries with a local art expert. And cap it all off with a private dinner in one of them with the gallery’s curator to gain a deeper understanding of art in Colombia.

Next, experience the many charms of Colombia in the famed Coffee Triangle for three days. Of course, the best way to experience this countryside paradise is at Hacienda Bambusa. With Bambusa as your home base, set off for the traditional coffee plantations of the region. And learn about the whole coffee creation process, from plant to cup. Explore the quaint colonial towns of Filandia and Salento for artisanal shopping and people watching at the local cafes. You will also have the chance to experience a traditional game of Tejo with locals. The highlight of your time, however, is a hot air balloon ride over the Coffee Triangle as well as a picnic in nearby Cocora Valley. You will not forget the view of the valley’s iconic 200-foot wax palm trees – the official tree of Colombia.

Colombia luxury travel continues in Botero’s hometown of Medellín. Over two days, learn about the culinary, social, and cultural transformation the city has recently experienced. First go restaurant hopping with a local foodie to discover Colombia’s top gastronomy. Then visit the incredible Comuna 13 neighborhood by sophisticated Metrocable with a private guide. Your guide will provide historical background on the neighborhood’s complicated past as you admire its colorful graffiti. Finally, enjoy exclusive access to the designer workshops and boutiques alongside a local fashion expert in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city.

Lastly, conclude your Best of Colombia luxury tour with three days in Cartagena. One day is dedicated to tasting the country’s delicious rum in an exclusive rum tasting experience with a local expert. Then another day offers an escape to the Rosario Islands via private speedboat. This day trip allows you to cruise between the islands and snorkel at your own rhythm. The final day, meanwhile, has you exploring Cartagena’s Old City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with a private guide. Nearby, the colorful streets of the Getsemani neighborhood afford a glimpse of local traditions, preserved culture, and vibrant street art.

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