Casa Harb is an intimate retreat on the seahorse-shaped Caribbean Sea island of San Andrés. Six custom-designed Asian-inspired suites invite you to a tranquil space to unwind after a day of water activities.

Property Details

Each room at Hotel Casa Harb is decorated differently. Many have canopy style beds with drapery, giving guests an intimate retreat to rest. The en-suites are also all different: one has golden tiles, while another may have a black tub. Admire the stunning sunset on the room’s balcony or terrace. When guests arrive, they will be greeted in the lobby overlooking the pool and colonial-style courtyard full of cascading fuchsia flowers.

The Restaurant Bar serves Caribbean fusion cuisine with calamari and chicken curry often on the menu. Sip on a frozen margarita while listening to the island rhythms of calypso.

San Andrés is both a Spanish- and English-speaking island with old ties to both countries. It is easy to get around this ten square mile coral island with white sand beach, coral reefs, and coves. Go under the sea to scuba dive or snorkel in the clear waters and watch schools of colorful fish swim by. The visibility here is nearly unrivaled in the Caribbean. This Colombian archipelago was named a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve to preserve the rich biodiversity of the area. Other water sports include windsurfing and water skiing.

To explore this exotic island on land, rent a scooter or bike to pass through the mangrove forests, see a huge geyser emerge from a coral rock or see the sway of palm trees in the coconut plantations. Morgan’s Cave was named after Henry Morgan, a Welsh privateer who allegedly hid his treasures there. The cave is only accessed underwater and there is also a museum to learn more about the history. The Casa Museo Isleña is a quaint museum that showcases early island home life and features live shows and traditional dances.

After a day of excursions, make your way back to Hotel Casa Harb for a soothing massage set to the sounds of the soft waves against the sandy shore.

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