The lush Amazon Colombia forest covers one-third of the country and is about the size of California. The climate wraps its shroud of warmth over the area, fostering an astounding array of biodiversity. Boats move along the Amazon river that snakes its way through several countries. Manatees and the elusive pink freshwater dolphin which is revered and protected by the locals, lives in the Lago Tarapoto Lake. Take a dip in the refreshing natural pool and watch sloths carry their young on the banks. In other parts of the Amazon, tributaries swirls and curl around massive tree trunks, as fish and frogs swim below and birds soar sky high in unison above the green canopy.

The capital of the Amazon region, Leticia is only accessibly over water. Thousands of little lime green parakeets fly through the Parque Santander to nestle into the trees. The indigenous communities live in harmony with nature and their traditions are passed down to the next generation. This southernmost Colombian town serves as the launching pad for an Amazon adventure.

Further into the jungle is the village of Puerto Narino, an isolated oasis where cars are banned. Eco-conscious travelers will find rainwater pooled in cisterns for washing. Fresh fish are served with cassava flour cakes. Papayas melt into the mouth.

See the antics of close to 5, 000 cute and cuddly little monkeys on an island where they are not at all shy of perching on travelers to get a closer look. Bright-beaked toucans sit on the trees with heights that seem to reach out to the heavens. There are more than 468 species of birds that call this slice of Colombia home.

Visit the first protected area of the Colombian Amazon in the Amacayacu National Park. Huge butterflies flutter about, their wings brilliant shades of silver and blue reflecting in the rays of sun that shine like spotlights from the treetops.

The world’s largest water lilies float like giant green saucers on dark waters. Turtles shells camouflage into the fallen leaves and alligators float by. Seven different species of cats, think Jaguar and Pumas, roam the thick forests. Some of these creatures are nocturnal and a night hike will expose the amphibians, many colorful insects, and wildlife. Shine a flashlight into the darkness and see the eyes of the animal kingdom in abundance shining like emeralds and rubies in the inky expanse. Feel like the last human on earth among the towering trees and sounds of nature.  The Colombian Amazon is remote and undiscovered.