Coffee-loving adventurers rejoice! After closing in late 2013, Hacienda Bambusa, one of the most celebrated hotels in Colombia has reopened under the energized management of Olivier Defeu and Diego Ruiz, long-time players on the South American experiential travel scene.

landscape at hacienda bambusa in colombia

Like nearly everyone who visits Bambusa, nestled into a working farm amid Colombia’s lush coffee region, Defeu and Ruiz instantly fell in love with the eight-room boutique property. They met owner Santiago Montoya, a Colombian artist whose father Diego runs the farm surrounding the hotel.

Montoya wanted to see the hotel reopen. He had infused Bambusa with his art and inspiration, but had to leave it behind to pursue his career as an artist in the US. Defeu and Ruiz caught his vision. They signed a contract in July 2014 and reopened the hotel in December.

“My vision of tourism is to live the real thing in the nicest way possible,” said Defeu.

For him, Bambusa is a place to awaken to the sound of birds, to feast on the local harvest, and luxuriate in the nature that surrounds you.

“The views are just stunning,” Defeu said.

He also loved the house, a distinctive mixture of modern style and countryside vernacular. To improve their guests experience, Defeu and Ruiz invested heavily in the rooms, elevating the level of comfort and polish. Far from compromising Bambusa’s authenticity, the focus on comfort and service only enhance guests’ appreciation for the unique and intimate property.

room at hacienda bambusa in colombia

They hired Pablo Perez Sancho to manage the property on-site. Chosen for his intuitive and personal approach to service, Perez Sancho makes guests feel confidently at home in this remote region.

Chef Cristian Monroy joined the team to transform the rich local ingredients—think mangos and plantains—into gourmet cuisine. Defeu described the food as “Colombian, with a twist.”

While the updates and upgrades have elevated the hospitality, they have also preserved and highlighted the spirit of the beloved hotel. Defeu is confident that fans of the hotel will be thrilled to see the experience enriched by the updates. For those who are curious about Colombia and its hidden treasures, he invites you visit Hacienda Bambusa and fall in love for the first time.

swimming pool at hacienda bambusa

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