About Your Host

Every Ker & Downey small group tour is accompanied by a host from our staff. Your March 2022 host is none other than Ker & Downey’s Vice President, Nicky Brandon. 

nicky brandon small group tour host 2022

About Your Small Group Tour March 2022 Host, Nicky Brandon

Nicky has 25 years of experience in the travel industry. She grew up in Tanzania, spending most of her school holidays in the East African bush with family. After university, she traveled extensively throughout Asia for two years. Then she worked as a flight attendant on an airline in the Middle East. During this time, she was able to explore many exotic destinations. 

Later she moved to Botswana, where she spent 17 years, met her husband, and had two lovely children. During her time in Botswana, she worked for Ker & Downey Botswana, where she further developed her extensive knowledge of camp management and hosting before moving on to sales and marketing. This allowed her to travel throughout southern Africa and the world while helping to put Ker & Downey Botswana on the map. 

In 2013, she made the bold step of moving Stateside with her family to join the Ker & Downey team here in Texas. She has worn many hats in her time with us. From product manager for Africa, and business development manager for travel agents, to a previous tenure as director of marketing — she has done it all. 

Having already been to South Africa twice in 2021, Nicky is very excited to serve as your March 2022 host and to introduce you to the wonders of South Africa, Victoria Falls, and Botswana. Furthermore, Nicky is intimately familiar with all the properties on your journey. Rest assured that she will be on hand throughout the tour. She will also ensure that every detail of your trip is handled with the utmost professionalism. Her decades of experience both in the travel industry and living in Africa provide her key insights. Indeed, she is the best host to provide you the highest level of service throughout your journey.