Indulge in luxury culinary tours across the globe.

Tasting unique regional cuisine may be one of the quickest ways to learn all you can about a particular destination. Sharing a meal requires no language, but kicks your senses of taste and smell into high gear. If you pay close attention every dish tells its own distinct story. The ingredients used give you a lesson on the local geography, the climate, the regional industries, and the local wildlife. If you are lucky enough to be in the kitchen while a meal is being prepared, you will often bear witness to traditional techniques and a history passed down not through recipe cards, but learned by being present while the magic happens. Fast friends are always made at the dinner table, with folks from all walks of life comparing comfort foods and delicacies to memories of their own family favorites. These authentic experiences and behind the scenes glimpses into the art of dining enhance each of the luxury culinary tours from Ker & Downey.

Whether you long to explore sprawling vineyards and get hands-on with vinters, hunt through rows of fragrant spices and fresh fish in busy marketplaces, or experience private cooking classes with culinary legends, there is a Ker & Downey journey perfectly suited to you.

Today we take a closer look at just four of our 80+ global destinations and the culinary possibilities within each. The latest addition to our luxury culinary tours, an in-depth tour through Basque Country sparkles with Michelin stars, bountiful seas, and the best tapas in the world. Hobart, Tasmania, is home to a flourishing wine and food scene, and our local guides know the best kept culinary secrets of the city. Our luxury culinary tour Savoring Japan traverses markets, production facilities, and kitchens where sushi, Kobe beef, and tempura come to life. And finally South Africa, with all of its cosmopolitan culture and wine-making history coming into focus.

Wine and dine your way through some of the best global destinations for gourmands and experience Ker & Downey’s luxury culinary tours for yourself – contact your luxury travel consultant to begin your journey.