Indulge Your Tastebuds

Indulge your tastebuds with Ker & Downey on this eight-day Japan culinary tour. Your delicious journey features Tokyo’s depachika, Kyoto’s sake, Kobe’s beef, and Osaka’s gastronomic prestige.

A master plates sushi - Japan Culinary Tour

Your luxury Japan culinary tour begins in Tokyo, Japan’s capital and wellspring of pop and imperial culture. Head to Kappabashi, or Kitchen Town, to browse the shops of kitchen supplies. Visit a depachika, an excessive underground food basement, to taste both traditional and outrageous delicacies. Enjoy a private sushi lesson with one of Tokyo’s best sushi chefs and a private tour of one of the area’s high-volume soy sauce factories.

Next, board a bullet train to Kyoto, one of the world’s most culturally rich cities. There is plenty of sightseeing to be had, including visits the Golden Pavilion, the Tenryuji Temple, and the unified wooden cityscape panorama of the Kiyomizudera Temple. The flavor of Kyoto really begins to emerge with your visit to a sake brewery shop. Enjoy a private sushi and tempura cooking lesson at a local Kyoto home. At one of the city’s private temples, you’ll experience a special tea ceremony and walk through its gardens.

After a day trip to Nara, travel to the final stop on your Japan culinary tour and one of the world’s foremost foodie havens, Osaka. Osaka’s reputation is mostly the result of its access to quality ingredients and gastronomic specialties, a fact most apparent at the Kuromon-Ichiba Market (“Osaka’s Kitchen”) and Dotonbori, the city’s main culinary corridor along the canal. Once you have experienced these highlights and tasted a local okonomiyaki delicacy for lunch, head to nearby Kobe for a stroll around the town’s compact Nankinmachi Chinatown and a taste of some of the delicious beef for which this town is famous—the perfect exclamation point on your savory adventure through Japan.

Custom Trips to Japan

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