Oman and Jordan
Land, Sea, and City

Exotic Oman and Jordan are Middle Eastern countries brimming with culture, cuisine, and spellbinding natural delights. We have paired the two together on our Exotic Oman and Jordan journey to give you a taste of the best experiences across land, sea, and city.

Felucca cruise - Exotic Oman and Jordan

Start your exotic Oman and Jordan journey in Oman’s capital, Muscat. Once you have recovered from your flight, explore the Sultan’s Palace. The elegant gardens and very detailed architecture might remind you of Princess Jasmine’s beautiful home. Alongside your guide you’ll wander the Grand Mosque, gaining access to its stunning main prayer hall.

Muscat’s location by the coast has made it an important trading port throughout history. The last remaining traditional dhow building yard on the Arabian Peninsula is found here; its ships are still coveted by celebrities and royalty the world over. Go behind the scenes at the shipyard, and later, learn about Omani history at the Bait Al Zubair Museum, displaying more than 5,000 artifacts.

Beyond the city, undulating red and white dunes ripple across the Wahiba’s vast sea of sand. Bedouins have been traversing this quiet and calming landscape for centuries. They share stories passed down through the generations during an intimate lunch. After, cool off from an invigorating hike with a swim in Wadi Bani Khalid.

A scenic four-wheel-drive tour gives you exclusive access to Oman’s land and culture. Friendly villagers wave and smile inviting you to learn about their timeless crafts. Peruse the local souks around Nizwa, meeting with local artisans who will show you their traditional carpet weaving techniques. Admire the painted ceilings and woodwork at Jabrin Castle which seems to be pulled straight out of One Thousand and One Nights.

Amman, Jordan, is a vibrant city where you will experience both the ancient past and glistening future. Within Amman’s craze sits the Citadel, a silent testament to the city’s deep history. Taste local flavors (falafel is a favorite) pulled out of bubbling vats of hot oil. Just north of the city lies Jerash containing the largest collection of Roman architectural sites outside of Italy. 

No journey to Jordan is complete without visiting the iconic Petra. On your way by private car you will pass Karak Castle, a 12th-century Crusades castle. With a Ker & Downey guide, you will get direct access to Petra’s remarkable Nabatean city. Marvel at the multi-hued carved sandstone tombs, temples, and amphitheater. 

Set off over the dunes with a Bedouin driver to reach ancient rock carvings visited by Lawrence of Arabia. Another big-screen favorite, Disney’s live-action adaptation of Aladdin, was filmed in this remote landscape in 2018. Spend a night under the twinkling desert stars surrounded by rust-colored rock formations.

Your journey ends on an even more relaxing note at the Dead Sea. Slip off your sandals and float away in the saline sea. Families will love the weightless feeling in the restorative waters.  

Discover Oman and Jordan

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