Ker & Downey’s exclusive access to spirits and wine tours across the globe will take you behind the scenes of delightful drinks and age-old craft traditions. One can learn a lot about a culture through the drinks they share. Whether it’s the wine of Argentina or the whiskies of Scotland, Ker & Downey can serve it up in style.

From Uruguay to Argentina, the spirits and wine tours of South America will excite. With Ker & Downey, you have access to wineries in Mendoza typically closed off from the public. Alternatively, travel along the unpaved mountain roads to the off-the-beaten path treasures in the country’s wine-laden Salta province. In Peru, pisco sours and an emerging craft beer scene invite travelers to experience ancient traditions and new pastimes. Meanwhile, Mexico shines with its working agave fields and exclusive tequila tastings.

In Europe, Ker & Downey’s spirits and wine tours allow you to visit the many historic distilleries in Scotland. While here, meet with local distillers and sample the many coveted whisky varieties of this beautiful country. Alternatively, take in the stunning views of the wine-producing hills near Rome. Then enjoy your vino as the sun sets over the countryside. The spirits and wine tours of Spain, Croatia, and France also come into full focus on a Ker & Downey custom itinerary. Perhaps you wish to float through the canals of Champagne or savor the rosados of Rioja… no matter the desire, we can make it happen.

You can even find plenty of spirits and wine tours in Asia, Africa, and Australia. For example, South Africa boasts an attractive Winelands region ripe for exploration. And Japan pours out its finest sake from Kyoto. Then there is Australia and New Zealand, home of some of the finest wineries in the world.

Spirits and Wine Tours with Ker & Downey

The below sample itineraries were created for connoisseurs who want to combine their passion for beverages with their love for travel. Contact Ker & Downey today to begin planning your own personalized spirit-infused journey.